How to protect your battery phone



     Cell Phones earlier were used for calling or texting purpose but nowadays, it is all in-in-one entertainment device. Be it playing games, video calling, internet browsing, chatting, or streaming everything consumes battery. As a smartphone user, every one of us wants to charge the battery of our device very quickly and wants to last longer. However, do we always charge our phones the right way? This is the question we must ask ourselves for the long life of our phone’s battery.

If you’re unsure whether there’s a “right” way to charge your phone—or whether charging it too long, too often, or too fast can damage the battery—you’re not alone. Some people just plug their phone into a charger (or toss it on a wireless charging pad) whenever power is available. Others fastidiously keep their battery between 40% and 80%, never allowing a full charge, under the belief that the battery will last longer as a result.


There are many people who believe that trickle charging improves battery life. Contrary to that, it is a myth. It is recommended to unplug your phone when it’s partially charged and charge it more often, instead of charging it overnight. Simply avoid charging overnight and instead charge your phone twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This will keep a healthy battery charge lifecycle and hence keep the battery healthy.